Restaurant quality food, with easy to finish-at-home instructions, delivered contact free to your door

How It Works

Everything is made fresh to order and therefore I need orders 36 hours in advance.

Delivery days Thursday-Saturday

Minimum order of £40, delivery charge of £5 added to all orders (may vary depending on location).

Delivery only available in London (within the M25).

Any question or queries please feel free to get in touch.


About Me

The world turned upside down this spring and I lost my restaurant before opening night - but I had no intention of letting that stop me cooking. So what began as surprise meals for friends who were isolated, quickly presented itself as a growth opportunity for a fledgling business.

I was lucky enough to come from a big family where my passion for cooking was not only celebrated but encouraged and so despite my fine dining background, these days I prefer to serve hearty tables over pretty plates!

Although I have worked in London's finest restaurants including The Ritz, La Petite Maison, Coya and Social Eating House, I let my cooking speak for itself. My aversion to the trend of style over content led me to lay foundations for my own restaurant with a focus on substantial flavour and conviviality.

So here I am, with the highest standards of cleanliness, the biggest heart and the tastiest menu. I cannot wait to cook for you and your loved ones.



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